How can I register in the shop?

In order to register in our online shop you should fill in a short registration form creating, your individual Client Account. Once you have filled in the registration form successfully, you will receive, to the e-mail address you provided, an e-mail with an activation link, and by clicking on the link you will approve your Account in the service. Since that moment, your individual Client Account will be active and you can start buying from our Online Shop.

How can I buy in the shop?

In order to place your order click the “dodaj do koszyka” [“add to cart”] icon. You can proceed to processing your order directly or to continue using the service. Any time while using our Online Shop, you can control and edit the contents of your cart clicking the cart icon on the screen. In order to buy the products which you have added to the virtual cart, please move to your virtual cart, click the “realizuj zamówienie” [“process the order”] button, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. If you already have your individual Client Account in the service while placing the order you will be asked to log in. Otherwise, you can buy logging via, if you have an account there, or you can start the registration process. Once having logged in the Online Shop, all the details needed to place the order and furnished by yourself upon registration, will be inserted in the order form automatically. Remember, however, that before approving the transaction you can modify the personal data inserted.

How can I pay for the items ordered?

You may pay for the products you have ordered by a traditional transfer to the bank account (PayPal ) . 

What is the deadline for payment after I have placed the order?

If, while placing the order, you have selected the prepayment option, you should pay for the products ordered within 2 working days after placing the order. Remember that the failure to pay for the items ordered within the said deadline will result in your order being cancelled.


If the product you are interested in is not available, you can contact us at: to place the order. We will advise you immediately whether and within what timeframe it is possible to process the order.

Can I receive a VAT invoice in respect of buying the goods?

If you are a person who is a sole trader and you are registered for VAT, it is possible. In such case, on the date you receive the confirmation of acceptance of your order, you will automatically recieved an invoice. 



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